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BULLETIN 30: Presiding Officers

BULLETIN 30: Presiding Officers

BULLETIN 30: Presiding Officers

The Election Commission has appointed the following Presiding Officers for Early Voting:

NORTH Adel IC: Salman Tai & Umer Makani

NORTH Champions IC: Hannah Hawk

NORTHWEST Bear Creek IC: Shazia Ashraf

SOUTH Brand Lane IC: Ameer Alam

SOUTHWEST Synott IC: Saif Usmani

SOUTHEAST Hwy 3 IC: Saad Ansari

Each Presiding Officer leads a team of Election Officers; at least one IT specialist is embedded in each team. Each team has gone through multiple training sessions for the conduct of voting.

When a voter walks up to the first station his/her ID is checked by the Election Officer against the Voters List. The second station scans the ID card and fills in any missing information such as email, phone number etc. and a Voucher slip is issued. The Voucher slip is exchanged for a ballot at the next station. There are two ballots: One for At Large Positions, a Second for Area Representatives. The Election Officer will mark the appropriate Zip Code box in Red. Every voter must vote in her/his Zone, Islamic Center and the Zip Code assigned in the Voters List for the vote to be valid. Before casting the ballot the voter will sign his/her name and signature on the voters register. The two ballots should be dropped in two separate boxes as marked.

This process should flow smoothly without undue delay unless a voter engages in intractable conversation or argument over unrelated matters. Any inquiry or conversation longer than 60 seconds is an argument and will not be allowed to continue by the Election Officer.

If there is a deviation between your ID card and the Voters List, or you have a special situation, you must quickly leave the first station and either go to the Presiding Officer to obtain a Provisional Ballot, or come to the ISGH main center for General Voting on Sunday Dec. 11.

No one will be allowed to impede the flow of traffic described above. The Presiding Officer has full and complete authority to enforce all rules.

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