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Attempted Hacking Against Membership Verification Link

Attempted Hacking Against Membership Verification Link

Attempted Hacking Against Membership Verification Link

From the Desk of General Secretary

Dear Community Members Assalamoalikum Warahmatullah:

On October 20, we were informed about a potential vulnerability on the online member verification posted link, and took immediate steps to address the issue.

All the Board members were informed about the matter immediately, and we decided to look into all the details, and send accurate information to the members.

According to our IT consultant, an attack (hacking) was attempted towards the link. In any case, no private information was accessible. We reported this to authorities & it's under investigation.

We will keep you informed about the developments, but rest assured that so far it does not seem that any private information was obtained as a result of this hacking attempt.

As confirmed by the IT consultant, the link contained only public records. Mainly names, zip code, center affiliation, expiry, member’s type, voter #.

In addition few of the members, either where there was common name and same center affiliation, or whose names were not complete, had the basic address listed without city or state as an additional method of search.

According to our information, no private info was accessible through this link (ex. DOB, credit card, bank account, city, payment methods etc...)

Someone tried illegal hacking attempt but failed to get any above defined confidential information which was fully secure and was never uploaded at attempted site.

Rest assured that ISGH will pursue the perpetrators to the full extent of the law including filling criminal charges when warranted.

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