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  • May 31st, 2017 Members of ISGH who have filed their membership applications or renewed their membership before the end of May, and have paid their dues will be considered as the eligible voting members. (completed)


  • 3rd Sunday of July (July 16, 2017): The Board of Directors of ISGH shall select and appoint Chairman and at least four other members of the Election Commission, with an effort to have a member from each Islamic Center. (completed)


  • 2nd Sunday of August(August 13, 2017): A tentative list of eligible voting members is posted on the bulletin boards in the Islamic Centers (ICs) by the respective Directors and in the Main Center by the General Secretary. (completed)


  • 1st Sunday of September  (September 3, 2017): The General Secretary of the ISGH provides the final list of the eligible voting members (approved by the ISGH Board of Directors) to the Chairman of the Election Commission. (completed)


  • 4th Sunday of September  (September 24, 2017): The General Secretary shall provide a written approved copy ofof BOARD approved referendum issues (if any) or changes to Constitution & Bylaws to the Election Commission. (None)


  •  1st Sunday of October (October 1, 2017): The Election Commission shall announce election procedures and make the nomination forms available to all eligible voters for downloading on the ISGH website by the

[Note: Due to the delay caused by hurricane Harvey and the fact that the final membership list did not get delivered to EC in a reasonable time before this deadline, the zip groups and numbers of reps have not yet been finalized. If there is more than a couple of days delay in the zip grouping announcement, deadline for the nominations for Area Reps ONLY will be extended by one week. All other election schedules will remain same.]

  • 3rd Sunday of October  (October 15, 2017): The last date for receiving the nominations for contested positions by noon (Article VII, Sec. 3A).

[Note: ONLY for Area Rep nomination; due to the delays in finalization of the membership list, EC has decided to extend the nomination deadline, ONLY for Area Rep Nominations, by one week. The deadline for Area Reps nomination now is by noon on 22 October 2017]

  • 1st Sunday of November (November 5, 2017): Election Commission announces a preliminary list of eligible nominees.


  • 2nd Sunday of November  (November 12, 2017): The last date for the withdrawal of a nomination, by 12:00 noon. Election Commission must receive withdrawal on paper, fax, or email on or before this date/time.


  • 3rd Sunday of November (November 19, 2017): The Election Commission makes the announcement of the final nominations at 5:00 PM and also publishes them on ISGH website.


  • Nov. 25 & 26, 2017This weekend shall be used to arrange Mandatory Candidate Orientation Sessions, and Introduction of Council, Assoc. Dirs., & Shura candidates at ICs. 


  • 1st Sunday of December (December 3, 2017):  Early balloting at designated Islamic Centers 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • 2nd Sunday of December (December 10, 2017): Election Day balloting in the ISGH Main Center from 10:00 AM –5:00 p.m. (with short breaks for Zuhr & Asr Salat).  Announcements of the election results shall be as soon as the counting of the ballots is completed. After the announcement of results, pertinent data shall be collected, sealed, and delivered to the General Secretary who shall ensure that the seal is left intact until the new BOARD and Councils are sworn in.


  • 3rd Sunday of December (December 17, 2017): If needed, hold Run-Off Election at Main Center for Executive Body positions and at designated Islamic Centers for other positions.


  • 1st Sunday of Jan 2018 (January 7, 2018): Oath-taking Ceremony at Main Center (after Zuhr salat) AFTER Mandatory Newly Elected Officials Orientation Session.

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