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When you join ISGH you are committing to something bigger than yourself and helping to provide for the future of our community. But it is only with your help that ISGH can continue to serve the needs of the community for next 40 years!

There are three categories for ISGH members to pick from


Category I: Family*

  • A 5 years membership for one family
  • A 3 years membership for one family
  • A  1 year membership for one family



Category II: Individual

  • A 5 years membership for one individual
  • A 3 years membership for one individual
  • A 1 year membership for one individual
  • A 1 year membership for one student



Category III: Lifetime

  • A qualified member can sign up for a lifetime membership with ISGH for one person only (i.e. this category does not include the family members).


*Members who subscribe to the first category (i.e. Family) can include up to 10 members of the same family. These ten members are identified as: Head of household, spouse, up to 3 children, and up to 2 dependents such as parents or parents-in-law.

ISGH Membership for New and Renewal    DEADLINE:  MAY 31, 2017

Online: www.isgh.org/membership   (New & Renewal)

Questions/Inquiries About Your ISGH Membership?

► Email at membership@isgh.org        OR

► Fill an online form at https://form.jotform.us/70561489668168

It will open an ISGH Support Ticket       OR

► Call/Text Message at Dedicated Support Number 832.981.1414

Please note: 

  • Currently, ISGH is offering new applications and renewals through this web page.
  • Every application requires the payment to be submitted online. Once you submit your payment you will receive an email confirmation. It is critical that you provide us with the most current email address to ensure the delivery of this confirmation.
  • Every application goes through a review process to guarantee the integrity of the application.
  • You will have the ability to login to your account to change (e.g. add or delete members, renew your membership) once your membership is activated.
  • If you are filling your family information, you will have the option to fill in up to 10 family members. That means if you are only registering 3 individuals that you will need to fill in the information for only 3 individuals and leave the other 7 options empty.
  • The information that you fill in on the application must match your identification form (e.g. Government Issued ID such as Driver License or Passport).
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at membersupport@isgh.org
  • If you wish to fill out the application using the paper form, you can do so by downloading this PDF.