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Welcome Initiative

Welcome Initiative

Partnership with Taiba

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, "A Muslim has six rights over another Muslim regarding good conduct: to greet him with peace when he meets him, to respond to his invitation, to respond to his sneeze, to visit him when he is sick, to follow his funeral prayer when he dies, and to love for him what he loves for himself. — Tirmidhi

For many Muslims, the Friday prayer is one of the most significant spiritual interactions of the week. We want to enhance the Friday experience of congregants by creating a more welcoming environment that encourages spiritual fellowship.

ISGH has partnered with TAIBA to build more community and connection during the blessed time of Jum'uah. TAIBA will train ISGH staff, elected officials and volunteers on the science and best practices of building that special bond with community members.

Join us to be part of this one of a kind experience in spreading goodness.