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Complete List of Elected Area Reps for all Zones.  Click on the Zone Name to view the list:
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Early Voting was held today, Sunday 02 December. A little over 2400 ISGH Members exercised their right to vote. To see statistics for each IC, please Click Here.
Unfortunately, once again this year, several potential voters could not vote as their names were not in the ISGH supplied Membership List. EC deeply regrets that. Please revisit this website as in a couple of days guidelines and procedures will be posted for those who could not vote earlier today. They can come to Main Center next Sunday (09 Dec), the General Election day where EC and ISGH Officials will be able to go through many a data records and hopefully establish the fact that these individuals are indeed eligible to vote.

Attention! Attention! Attention

  1. Meet the Candidates on Saturday 01 Dec @ Main Center [Details]
  2. Early Balloting on Sunday 02 December
  3. Currently these ICs are going to be voting centers:
    • North:      Adel Road, Champions, Cypress
    • NW:         Bear Creek, Katy
    • SW:          Mission Bend, Synott, New Territory, River Oaks
    • South:      Brand Lane
    • SE:            Pearland, Highway 3
  4. You may vote at any of these ICs regardless of your zone or IC of residence.
  5. Timings are: 10 AM to 5 PM. River Oaks IC Timings are: 12 Noon to 4 PM
  6. You MUST present a government issued photo ID. For younger members school issued photo ID will be acceptable.
  7. ABSOLUTELY NO alterations to the ISGH supplied voting members’ list will be possible on Early Balloting day. We ENCOURAGE you please to check and make sure that your name is indeed in the ISGH provided Membership List. Otherwise YOU WILL NOT be able to vote on the Early Balloting day. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. Similarly, NO changes to Zone, IC, or Zip Code will be entertained at Early Balloting. Again, you may check where you are currently listed (Zone, IC, Zip) in ISGH database. You will only be able to vote for your listed Zone/IC/Zip
  9. Any extra-ordinary membership questions/issues will be handled on the day of General Elections (09 December) at the ISGH Main Center.
  10. Procedures and Rules for dealing with missing names in the ISGH supplied Membership Data, or wrong information in the Membership Data on the General Election Day (09 December) at the Main Center will be posted on the ISGH Elections 2018 webpage after Early Balloting.
For Elections 2018 Votes Break Down for Shura Positions by ICs Click Here

----------------- Candidates ----------------- 

Non Area Rep Positions          [Please see their resumes below]

Area Rep Positions           [Click on an IC Name Below]

Non-Area Rep Candidate Resumes

  • Preliminary Non Area Rep Nominees List         [Click Here]
  • Preliminary Area Rep Nominees: North Zone  [Click Here]
  • Preliminary Area Rep Nominees: NW Zone      [Click Here]
  • Preliminary Area Rep Nominees: South Zone  [Click Here]
  • Preliminary Area Rep Nominees: SE Zone        [Click Here]
  • Preliminary Area Rep Nominees: SW Zone       [Click Here]

To Contact Election Commission:      ISGH_EC2018@Outlook.com

Membership Questions:   713-524-6615  ext  108    or